Pregnant Symptoms, Ultrasound, Baby Development (3 MONTHS)

It’s not wrong to say that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and crucial time periods for a woman. The doctors may congratulate you after you pass months as this period is very risky and new for a woman. This time period can be very disturbing and risky in case of miscarriages. It's time to tell everyone about the great news that a new member is going to welcome in the family. At this time your hormones are all tone up with the development of the baby. At this time the mother feels fresh and relieved from the morning sickness and fatigue.

What are 3-months pregnant symptoms?

Morning sickness and fatigue start to end but there are other symptoms that start to rise for your next period of time. Here are some 3-month pregnant symptoms that the mother might feel:

  • You might feel constipation. 
  • Pain in the uterus. 
  • Un comfortability in the pelvis. 
  • Increased heart rate because of the growth of the baby starts. 
  • There would be an increased load on the heart, lungs, kidneys and even on your whole body. 
  • Headaches can be increased because the hormones will start to be in balance again. 

Physical changes in the body:
The yellowish round of the belly starts to swell and your weight will start to increase. You will feel the load on your body and you won’t be able to work fast and quick. The breast size starts to increase and due to hormone imbalance, you might encounter blackheads and dark spots on your body. The dark spots that appear will get away after the baby is born.


After months pass, the doctors do an ultrasound to see the growth and development of the baby. In this 3-month ultrasound, the doctor examines the baby to see if there is any abnormality in the chromosomes or any weakness in the fetus of the baby. According to the situation, the doctor prescribes what the mother and baby would need. 

Your mood will remain unstable:
Due to hormone imbalance, your mood will remain unstable. Emotionally you will feel sadness, panic attacks and sometimes you will feel very exciting. You can feel emotional swings several times a day and this is normal during this time period.

3-month development of the baby: After 3-month development, the baby grows in size especially the head of the baby. The head is greater in size than the body. The internal organs of the body of the baby are formed, even the earlobe and the eyelids are also formed. Even at this stage the baby can open and close his mouth.

It is highly recommended that during this time period of your pregnancy you need to pay a great attention to your food. You should avoid fast food and baking soda. No alcohol should be given to the mother to be as it can be dangerous for the mother and the baby. If you feel any other disturbance in the body or pains in the fetus, call or visit your doctor immediately.

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